Most Digital Agencies Have It All Wrong!

They focus on ‘cutesy’ designs and vanity metrics like Twitter followers and Facebook likes…

What they should be doing is bringing you a return on investment of at least $2 for every $1  you spend.

You spend thousands on advertising, but without the right website, you might as well be throwing your money away.

It takes more than a flashy website to bring in new customers. You get sales calls and junk mail every month with search engine optimization and web design offers, but these won’t fix the real problem. Pretty looks and more traffic don’t sell anything if your website isn’t up to par. You need a highly-efficient, customer generating machine.

tick_48 Hi, I’m Colin Presnell. I founded Presnell Group to help business owners like you fix the problems with their websites and online marketing. It’s time to say goodbye to your leaky marketing funnel and wasted advertising dollars and start seeing some measurable results.

What do people do after they see your ads?

Do they call immediately to request more information or do they go to your website?

In the past, people would call for more information. Today, customers turn to the internet to have their questions answered. Most do extensive research online before making any big purchasing decisions. So to answer the question: They go to your website.

The second question to ask is, “What do they do when they get there?

Most marketing and search engine optimization services only focus on getting more traffic to your website. But without the right website, those people will leave without ever becoming paying customers. And without the right funnel, those people will never visit your website again. They won’t call for more info or email your customer support. Chances are they won’t even remember your company’s name.

You’re basically paying to have people forget about your business.

Our services use the same proven direct marketing methodologies used by these powerful online brands to reach targeted audiences and convert them into customers:

You need more than a good looking website; you need a strategically designed sales funnel that turns your visitors into customers who are eager to buy.

tick_48 You’ll generate a stream of educated, high-value customers who can’t wait to buy from you.
tick_48 You’ll destroy your competition by distinguishing your company as the authority in your industry.
tick_48 You’ll use your website as a powerful sales and marketing tool that educates visitors, reduces buying resistance and creates buyers.
tick_48 Best of all, the automated marketing system we set up for you will create loyal customers and actively encourage new business via word-of-mouth referrals.

Testimonials from our happy customers.

Before Presnell Group, I always had the feeling I wasn’t getting 100% out of my advertising budget. I just didn’t know how to fix it. After only an hour with Colin I clearly saw what was working and what needed major revamping. We decided to go ahead with the changes and couldn’t be happier! We’ve seen an increase in business and our customers love the new site.

– Jacob Bordman

We’ve seen a huge increase in our website’s conversion rate since working with Presnell Group. More leads, more customers and more profits. What else is there to say.

– Michael Spainhaur


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